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Record Planes

Les Harrison

Founded in Sheffield in 1898 by C & J Hampton, the Record Tool Company was already well established when it introduced a range of woodworking planes in 1931. Eleven patterns of plane were initially produced and consisted of 8 bench planes and 3 block planes. All were copies of Stanley Planes currently in production at that time. The range increased gradually to a peak of production in the 1940’s when it was composed of 55 different patterns of plane plus 12 variations of spokeshaves. The largest range of all metal planes produced by a British manufacturer.

Notably 2 planes produced were Record’s own design and not direct copies. These are the No.044 Plough plane and the 3 sizes of skew mouth rebate plane Nos. 712, 713 & 714. Each were accordingly granted registered design numbers by the patent office to protect Record’s design rights for 15 years.

Eleven patterns of plane were originally Edward Preston designs which Record continued to produce after the closure of that company and, with minor improvements, most of them continued in production until recent years.

Record Holdings Plc, as the company is now known, is still producing planes though on a much reduced scale, as modern industrial demands are more mechanised.

Appeared 1997 – Toolshop Auctions Catalogue

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