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Wrenchisma – The Allure of Wrenches

Judy Friedman

Wrench-isma as in “charisma”. What is it that draws a great number of us to these devices that many consider the most mundane and ordinary of tools? They are often found dirty, rusty, oily and lots of times heavy, to hoot. A rare wrench weighing in at 7 pounds looks mighty enticing when one gets to the tool or antique market in the morning, but feels much more weighty after the first hour of walking. Fortunately, backpacks were made with wrench collectors in mind.

At first glance, when most think of wrenches, the term Monkey Wrench comes to mind. Well, relax!! When confronted with all the other choices there is no need to even consider these, unless you are going after a particular brand and need them to fill out a collection. One can start small, literally, with pocket size adjustables or even micrometer wrenches.

Additional choices include fascinating combination wrenches that may incorporate a number of tools all in one article, such as a jack knife with a crescent wrench. Then there are those dear to the hearts of many, the carriage, wagon and farm implement wrenches. Look carefully at them and you’ll find that many craftsmen were true artisans who included beauty and intricacy along with usefulness.

The Victorian charm of detailed, graceful and flowing lines was not limited to other equipment. Aside from common versions, it’s simply amazing how many ways inventors thought of to grip, grasp & clutch an article. Non adjustables, screw adjusts, quick adjusts, lever adjusts, slide or wedge adjusts, the list just goes on and on. Take a good look at the Toolshop catalogues and other venues, then dive right in. Great Wrenches are great tools, no matter what your collecting field. As is said about some people, “they Clean Up Good!!”

Appeared 1998 – Toolshop Auctions Catalogue

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